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An administrator wants to use a Linux server’s GUI remotely but is limited by security to using TCP port 22.
Which of the following is the BEST choice for installation on the Linux server to enable this functionality?

A. X-forwarding

Answer: C

A technician recently installed Linux on a desktop computer.
The desktop has two graphics cards from two different vendors. One of the graphics cards works, but the other does not.
Which of the following commands should the technician use to start troubleshooting this issue?

A. Ismod
B. Vmstat
C. Gdm
D. startx

Answer: A

A Linux administrator wants to include a standard, hash_profile file whenever a new local user is created on Linux server.
Which of the following is the BEST location to place the file?

A. /User/local/
B. /etc/skel/
C. /etc/profile.d/
D. /Home/default_user/

Answer: A

Which of the following files would a junior systems administrator check to verify DNS server settings?

A. /etc/network
B. /etc/rsolveconf
C. /etc/nsswitch,conf
D. /etc/hosts

Answer: B

Which of the following directories will help an administrator identify the specifications of a Linux server in term of resources?

A. /sys
B. /Proc
C. /Var
D. /usr

Answer: B

The following error is encountered when running a script:

Which of the following is the cause of this error?

A. Script.sh was not added to the PATH
B. The $ ! line is incorrect
C. Script.sh is missing the executable bit.
D. The file script. sh does not exist.
E. Bash is not installed on the system

Answer: D

Which of the following directories contains information related to various runtime processes, such as hardware and system memory?

A. /Usr/bin
B. /Opt
C. /Proc
D. /etc/local/

Answer: A

A system administrator is setting up a cron job that will copy thousands files from a remote directory on a scheduled basic. The file contents should retain their original permissions, including and group ownership, and the cron job should run for the least amount of the possible.
Which of the following is the BEST program to use in this situation?

A. Rsync
B. Curl
C. Scp
D. Wget
E. sftp

Answer: A

A Linux administrator has configured a local named caching server to reduce the amount of time to resolve common DNS addresses. The server resolves using the external server, however; the administrator wants to avoid this configuration. The administrator verifies the named, conf settings to confirm the following relevant settings:
The administrator then runs dig twice to look up an external address and receives the following relevant output the second time.

Which of the following should the administrator do to correct the configuration?

A. Modify /etc/resolve.config and set nameserver to
B. Add 1270.0.1 to the forwards in the named confi file.
C. Alias the dig commands to use nslookup instead.
D. Configure the name service in system to be masked

Answer: C

An administrator is adding an existing user named `’buddy” to the Apache group.
Which of the following should the administrator perform to accomplish this task?

A. sseradd -g apache buddy
B. ssermod -g apche buddy
C. sudo useradd -g apache buddy
D. sudo usermod -g apachebuddy

Answer: B

An administrator clones a Git repository onto a local laptop. While inspecting the code, the administrator notices a bug and wants to fix it.
Which of the following is the BEST command for the administrator to use to test a patch for the prior to updating the version saved in master?

A. Init
B. Branch
C. Stash
D. Comit
E. merge

Answer: A

A Linux administrator is investigating an issue with an internal Linux server that is unable to resolve the following internal addresses:

The administrator runs the following commands as part of troubleshooting:

Which of the following is MOST likely resolve the issue?

A. Allow outbound DNS traffic to the internal DNS server.
B. Add a public DNS for fileshare, example, internal.
C. Install a caching DNS server on the local workstation.
D. Update resolve, conf to use the internal DNS server.

Answer: A

A system administrator needs to bootstrap a series of Ubuntu images for a public provider. The administrator must ensure at the images contain the exact same updates, custom. Configure files after their first and then automatically.
Which of the following tools the administrator user?

A. Ansible
B. Docker
C. Cloud-init
D. Anaconda

Answer: B

Which of the following commands will result in the HOGEST compression level when using gzig to compress a file name file, txt?

A. Gzip -9 file. text
B. Gzip -100-file. Text
Crip -high file.txt
C. Gzip -5 file.txt
D. Gzip -fast file. text

Answer: A

Which of the following is considered best practices when using definition files for the provisioning of Linus servers to the cloud?

A. Build automation
B. Container orchestration
C. Infrastructure as code
D. Continuous integration

Answer: B

A Linux administrator is testing a configuration script and wants to change the hostname of a workstation temporarily, but it must return to its assigned workstation name after reboot.
Which of the following is the BEST command for the administrator to use?

A. Hostnamet1 set-hostname -transient tempname
B. Hostnamect1 -H localhost tempname
C. Hostnamect1 set-hostname tempname
D. Hostnamect1 set-hostname -static tempname

Answer: A

A network administrator installed a web server on a Linux host and added a firevalid command to open port tcp/80. The web server worked without error until an updated and patch kernel was installed on the system a month later. Now users are unable to access the web server even though the service is running, which of the following would fix the issue?

A. Use the firevalid command to open the HTTP application service rather than the port.
B. Change the firevalid zone t private and open port tcp/80.
C. Issue an additional firevalid command to open up port tcp/443 as well as port tcp/80.
D. Use the firevalid command to open tcp/80 both with and without the -permanent switch.

Answer: D

Ann, a Linux administrator, is storing scripts in a private Git repository.
Which of the following commands should Ann use to avoid entering the login and password every time Ann commits change?

A. Git init shared-true
B. Echo authe n tapprove `’>> .git/config
C. Git credential approve
D. Git config credential.help cache

Answer: B

An administrator is configuring a new Linux server and wants to boot the system to a file that was previously downloaded to locally install removable media. Which of the following boot options should the administrator choose?


Answer: B

A lab virtual image is always named pc21.local and in variety of testing situation. The administrator wants to use the IP address pc21.local in a script but is concerned it may change from day to day, as the image is rebuilt fairly often.
Which of the following should the administrator add to a script to ensure the IP address is always accurate?

A. MYIP =$(dig pc21.local +short
B. MYIP =$(dig pc21.local +norecurse +nocomments)
C. MYIP =$(dig pc21.local + answer + mostatus
D. MYIP =$(dig pc21.local +authority)

Answer: B

A Linux server hosts Kerberos and LDAP, which of the following is the MOST likely role of this server?

A. Certificate authority
B. Clustering
C. Database
D. Authentication

Answer: D

A technician reviews the following output:

Which of the following commands should the technical execute to ensure the system has the appropriate paging? (Select TWO.)

A. dd if=dev/sda5 of=/tmp bs=512
B. swapon /dev/sda5
C. Mkswap/dev/sda5
D. Mkfs,ext3 /dev/sda5
E. Lostat/dev/sda 5
F. Free 璵/dev/sda

Answer: BC

Users are receiving permission-denied messages when trying to access a spreadsheet file within the company’s filesystem.
A Linux administrator receives a ticket and begin to investigate the following output:

Which of the following command would produce the presented output?

A. Top
B. nice
C. grep
D. isof

Answer: D

A Linux administrator needs to run a few virtual machines and containers on the physical machines with a single network interface.
Which of the following networking would allow the administrator to connect with the outside world?

A. Bridging
C. Bonding/teaming

Answer: A

An administrator is logged on as an unprivileged user and needs to compile and installed an application from source.
Which of the following BEST represents how to complete this task?

A. cd <source>; sudo ./configure $$ make $$ make install
B. cd <source>; ./configure $$ sudo make $$ make install
C. cd <source>; ./configure $$ make $$ make install
D. cd <source>; ./configure $$ make $$ make install

Answer: A

A system administrator is investigating why user3 cannot log in using SSH to one of the servers.
An attempt to log in results in the following:

Which of the following commands should the systems administrator execute to allow user3 log in to the server?

A. Restorecon /bin/rssh
B. Passwd/-u user3
C. Usermod/ -s /bin/sh user3
D. Setfac1/ bin/rssh

Answer: A

An administrator wants to be able to access a remote server. After creating an SSH key pair, which of the following describes where the public key should be placed to allow for key-based authentication?

A. -/, ssh/authorized_keys
B. -/ssh/id_ras.pub
C. -/.ssh/known_hosts
D. -/.ssh/config

Answer: A

Joe, a system administrator, realizes that the time zone on a system is different than his local time zone. Joe runs the command export Tz-America .Chicago to resolve this. However the next Joe logs in, Joe notices the issue has returned.
Which of the following is the BEST way for Joe to fix this issue so the solution persists across logins?

A. Run the export Tz=/etc/localtime command
B. Set the correct the zone with the date command.
C. Add the export Tz=America/Chicage command to the bash_profile file.
D. Run the export LC ALL=America/Chicago command

Answer: C

A Linux administrator issues the following command with root or sudo privileges:
Rmp -1 installpackage.rpm -nodeps
Which of the following should the administrator expect to see in the output?

A. The installpackage.rmp package will not fail due to checks for dependencies.
B. The installpackage.rmp package will not fail due to missing dependencies
C. The installpackage.rmp package will not be installed, and there will be dependencies
D. The installpackage.rmp package will not be installed, and there not be check for dependencies

Answer: A

A Linux administrator execute the following steps in this order:
1. Changes some software code
2. Commits the changes to the Git repository
3. Triggers a job to compile
4. Execute some test scripts
5. Packages the software package
6. Publishes the software packages to a package repository
Which of the following orchestration processes is the administrator using?

A. Build automation
B. Deployment automation
C. Test automation
D. Infrastructure automation

Answer: C

A system administrator is troubleshooting a web server that runs in a container. After the log is retained, the container occasionally stops logging to a log file. Fortunately, the vendor provides a custom signal that allows the application to reconnect to the log file.
Which of the following would be BEST for the administrator to run the containers?

A. Kill ­HUP 1
B. Kill ­USR 1
C. Kill ­TEAM 1
D. Kill ­Kill 1

Answer: A

A junior administrator issues the following commands on a Linux server:

The next day, the junior administrator is unable to edit the file. Which of the following would resolve this issue?

A. Chmod 666 /home/junior_admin/tasklist
B. Chmod $+x /home/junior_admin/tasklist
C. Chmod g+s /home/junior_admin/tasklist
D. Chmod o+rwx /home/junior_admin/tasklist

Answer: A

An administrator wants to add a user named comptia to the system administrators group. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task?

A. Usermod ­sG wheel comptia
B. Useradd -sG wheel comptia
C. visudo -sG wheel comptia
D. sudo -sG wheel comptia

Answer: B

Which of the following commands should a system administrator use to configure a passwordless login to remote system? (Select TWO.)

A. Cp
B. Ssh-agent
C. Ssh-copy-id
D. Ssh-keygen
E. Ssh-add
F. openssl

Answer: BC

A new packages repository named repo10 has been installed on mirror site. A Linux administrator wants to use this new repository for local package installations. In which of the following locations should the administrator store the configuration information for the repo10 repository?

A. /etc/yum.reps.d/repo10.Repo
B. /etc/yum_repo.d/repo10
C. /etc/yum.reps.d/repo10
D. /etc/yum.conf

Answer: A

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